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Possibility of Identifying Treated and Non-Treated Sri Lankan Ruby and Sapphires by FT-IR Spectroscopy

Sandun Illangasinghe1, Hasintha Wijesekara2 and Meththika Vithanage2. 1.Research Officer, Gem & Jewellery Research & Training Institute, Hiddelana, Ratnapura. 2. Chemical & Environmental Systems Modeling Research Group, Institute of Fundamental Studies, Huntana Road, Kandy.  

Problems in the Practice

Consultant Gemmologist

To an inexperienced gemmologist or dealer, some of the gems moving around in the marketplace can pose serious problems, resulting in serious financial loss, if care is not taken in observation and testing.

Collector Gems / Rare Gems / Unusual Gems

There is an important subject that is hardly ever discussed in the gemological world, which is a shame because it is a critical area

Do gemstones have powers

There is so much literature on the healing power of gemstones and the power of eliminating malefic effects on planets.

Gemstones of Gemmological value

Gems are minerals. Due to several chemical and physical activities minerals are formed in the earth. Sri Lanka is famous for gems all over the world..

Science & Technology for the value-addition of Sri Lanka

Gems are mined as rough stones. Before entering the market they are subjected to cutting and polishing, at the lapidaries.

 P R K Fernando
{Grad Chem, M Sc (Peradeniya), PG Diploma (Colombo), M I Chem C, MGA (SL)}

Ornamental Stones

Beauty, durability and rarity are the most important qualities of the gem stones.

Damayanthi Epa (FGA, PG Diploma in Gemmology)