Jewels 2023 Gem & Jewellery Exhibition and Competition of Sri Lanka

Jewels 2023 is a chain of activities targeting both local and International trade by educating and promoting the Gems and Jewellery of Sri Lanka.

Promote Traditional Sri Lankan Jewellery trade and promote tourism in Sri Lanka along with educational aspects of Gems & Gemmology.

Target group: Lovers of coloured stones

Target participants:
Local & International Gem Dealers, Consumers, Tourists, Jewellers, Tool suppliers, Other service suppliers and Scholars

Advanced Analytical Instruments for Gemmology
27th 28th of May 2023 at Gem & Jewellery Research Training Institute, Kaduwela

Assaying & Hallmarking Jewellery Manufacturing & Techniques
October 2023, Colombo

Research and articles publication on Gem & Jewellery industry
November 2023, Colombo

Jewels Field Visit
Field Visit to Ratnapura with Local & International Gemmologists, Traders, Gem lovers, & Scholars

Jewels 2023 Gem & Jewellery Exhibition and Competition of Sri Lanka
Venue: Colombo Sri Lankaa
Date: 15th to 17th of December 2023

Jewels Awards - Gem & Jewellery Competition

GASL arranges a competition among the traders and enthusiasts of Gems and the Science of Gemmology.
•    Fine Crystal of high Gemmological interest
•    Best Fashioned Gem (Facetted, Cabochon or Carved)
•    Lapidary Art (Facetted or Carved)
•    Gem Studded professional Jewellery
•    Photographs related to Gemmology or Gem Industry (minimum size 10 x 12 inches)
Competition is only open for the Sri Lankans , submit your works at 9 am on 7th December 2023

Jewels Product Profile

•    Gemstones - Blue Sapphire, and other colours (Pink, yellow, white etc) Ruby,Cat's eye, Alexandirite, Diamonds, Moonstones, Topaz, Spinel, Amethyst, Garnet, Tourmaline, Zircon and over 50 other varieties.
•    Jewellery - Platinum, Gold, Silver Jewellery, including gem set and diamond set Jewellery.
•    Rare Gemstones – Crystals, Calibrated gems ,precision cut sapphires (watch quality)
•    Gem set ornaments.
•    Machinery, equipment tools for gem gravel washing, gem cutting, Jewellery manufacture, gold testing, and computer aided designing.

Jewels Exhibitor Profile

•    Gem exporters, wholesalers, dealers, lapidarists.
•    Diamond Manufactures wholesalers.
•    Jewellery manufacturers, exporters & retailers.
•    Education & Training service providers.
•    Laboratory and certification services.
•    Export ready SME's.

Chairman Jewels
GASL office, OPA Colombo 07.
+94 117 202 032 | +94 777034670

Exhibition Talk and Trip

Jewels 2019 Gem & Jewellery Trade Exhibition & Competition

Jewels 2019 Gem & Jewellery Trade Exhibition & Competition
14th and  15th December at BMICH

Jewels Talk  2019
Committee Room, BMICH on 15th Dec. 2019 at 9.30 a.m. 12.30 p.m.

Jewels Trip to Ratnapura 30th November and 1st of December
where you can  have a firsthand  experience in gem business environment and on gem mining in the area. We are celebrating 50th annuasary this time.

Visit to; a gem pit, Gemmological museum
Experience of gem purchasing
Heat treating demonstration of Geuda,
Fellowship dinner with music,
Visit to a well known Gem Cutting Factory.
Udawalawa Elephant Safari

Contact       0761408200/ 0775042955/0777034670


Road to Jewels

Jewels founder president

H H D Ajith L Siriwardena

(B.com (Special),M.Sc. (Gemmology) FGA (UK) IGI(Belg) Pearl Grading and Jewellery essentails (GIA)Dip in Marketing, ANPS,MGA,Assay(Lon))


Jewels gems & Jewellery trade exhibition and competition celebrates its 10th successful anniversary by this year and it’s the promotional wing of Diploma in gemmology DGem-SL ,workshops , field expeditions and other educational  activaties of the non-profit professional body of the Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka(GASL).

Sapphire for all is the theme of the Jewels and it is mainly focused on promotion of education of gems and jewelery and sapphires to the world ( international community).

The theme of our education program is gemmology from a source country and GASL in the proud of producing high caliber gemmology diploma holders and some of them work in various corners of the world as successful professionals.


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