Code of Ethics All members of the Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka are entrusted with the responsibility To maintain the highest level of personal integrity, honesty and business ethics

  • To comply with all Government laws and regulations relating to the Gem, Gem set jewellery and Gem industry.
  • To support and abide by the regulations, constitution and objectives of the Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka, or GASL.
  • To provide a standard of certificates comply with GASL standards and service of the highest possible quality commensurate with price.
  • To clearly establish the guarantee and/or service policy regarding all certificates and to fulfill that policy
  • To provide knowledgeable and competent expertise and clearly indicate the true quality of certificates.
  • To adhere to sound business practices and thus ensure continuing service to customers.
  • The Code of Ethics shall apply to all members of the GASL and to all current financial year members. Such as Life members , General members. Honorary members, Associate members, Laboratory members, affiliated teaching institute members
  • The conduct of all members is to be such as to uphold the reputation of the GASL. Their responsibility to the community is to be of paramount importance.
  • Members shall avoid, and discourage, unsubstantiated statements, misleading descriptions (of gems, synthetic and imitation material), and seek to present correct information with truth and impartiality
  • Members should endeavor to explain fully, to members of the public and those untrained in gemmology, the meaning and importance of gemmological terms and names, especially where these relate to a financial transaction (i.e. buying and selling of gem materials).
  • Members may not use, for personal gain, nor disclose, confidential information arising out of work performed for their client or employer. They should not, deliberately or carelessly express professional opinions likely to adversely affect the reputation, business or prospects of other fellows, or members of the Association.
  • If a member seriously believes another member to be guilty of unethical ,illegal or unfair practice, it is their duty to present such information to the Executive committee of GASL for consideration; after first notifying the other fellow or member involved in an appropriate manner
  • Members, when engaged in gemmology must remain impartial and unbiased at all times and not place themselves under any obligation by means of substantial favors.

Diploma in Gemmology by GASL – DGSL

Target and Objective

Main objective of the introduction of Diploma in Gemmology Examination by the GASL is standardizing the education and teaching methods, teaching and maintaining proper education system for the science of Gemmology at affordable prices for the promotion and development of the gems and gemmology.

Our work plan in achieving above objective
  • Education committee and the chairman should work independently and maintain separate documentation on the matters pertaining to the diploma in Gemmology
  • Chairman and the committee should work under the president of the GASL.
  • Secretary of the Education committee should report about their progress and projects at every annual general meeting, General meeting, Special annual general meetings and committee meetings.
  • Chairman and the committee should be member of the GASL
  • Examination fees, place time of the examination to be conducted methods of the examination, payment of the examination fee and other payments relevant to the DGSL will be decided by the education committee. These decisions are to be informed and approval to be obtained from the Exco of the GASL.
  • If anybody is to work as a teacher or going to operate a teaching institute, owner or member he or she has to abstain from holding the posts of president, Secretary or any type of member of the education committee of the GASL.
  • Information on educational matters should neither be openly discussed nor in the public or at any forum other than the Education Committee. If any such complaints may affect the removal of such member the post after an independent inquiry conducted by the executive committee of the GASL and at a special general meeting.
  • Teachers and teaching institutes to be qualified should fulfil the basic criteria and standards setup by the education committee of the GASL.
  • If nay institute is unable to pay their annual membership renewal fee or unable to maintain basic criteria relevant to maintaining of the standards set up by the GASL, the Education committee cam make a request to the General Secretary to remove the said teaching institutes membership from the GASL and from the list of the teaching institutes.
  • The chairman and the Education committee cam give basic guide lines as to the fees changeable for coursers of Gemmology and the tariff can be published after the approval of the EXCO of the GASL
  • Teaching institutes can follow either the GASL tariff guide lines for the course fee or they can have their own tariff for their courses

Standard's for laboratories... GASL Standards 1.1

The following minimum standards are required for certification of gem stones by the members of The emmologists Association of Sri Lanka GASL.

Name of the entity :

Business Registration No. :

Address of the entity :

Certifying Authority Registration No :

GASL Registration No :

Report No :

Date :

Weight :

Measurements :

Cut –Style & Shape :

Color :

Identifying Marks / Inclusions :


Species :

Variety :



Regd. No

Stamp and Signature of the Gemmologist

his / her qualifications

Disclaimers :

The following conditions have to be followed by any member who plans to carry out any activities by being a member of the Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka. The name of the GASl and its logo or membership number can be shown in the certificates with the consent of the Executive Committee of the Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka. But the use of the, Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka - GASL, its logo on any publication material or certificate does not mean that the Sri Lanka Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka take any responsibly for the Laboratory Report provided by the member of the Association. The Gemmologists Association of Sri Lanka take no guarantee or legalities of the results from the use of services or comments made by any member of the Association.